About Mind Reading Confidential


You are surrounded by “Known Strangers”. People you kind of know. An average American encounters nearly 150 “Known Strangers” every day. The bus driver, the mail man, the woman at the check out, are all “Known Strangers”. Every one of them has an interesting story. You may have heard some of their tales; confidentially, but how much do you really know about a person?

Your friends and family have confidential thoughts they rarely share too. In fact, YOU have confidential hopes, dreams and wishes few realize.

Here’s a simple question, “What is confidential thought?”.

Jon Stetson, America’s Master Mentalist, has created a living masterpiece by combining strangers with people you know in an entertaining environment.

Jon uses the power of the human mind to bring light to people’s confidential thoughts. He looks for what’s unique in a person, not what’s mundane.

In his new show, Mind Reading Confidential, Jon Stetson shares fun and intimate thoughts from the minds of his audience. He reveals stories that are outrageously funny, beautifully heart warming, and every demonstration is amazing.

The special highlight is Jon mentally exploring people’s confidential futures. He can see through the darkness and bring your best to light. There is not another experience like it in the world.

Find out what America really thinks. See your confidential future. Witness the reality of Mind Reading Confidential and discover the secret world around you.